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DURATION 7 Months Live Online Sessions 3 Hours/ Sunday 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM
PROGRAMME FEE INR 1,52,500 + GST (Inclusive of Registration Fee) View Payment Plan Loan offered at EMI of INR 6,217 Special Corporate Enrolment Pricing
ELIGIBILITY Graduates in any discipline with minimum 4 years of work experience Prerequisite
Starts on TBD
Duration 7 Months
Programme Fee INR 1,52,500 + GST (Inclusive of Registration Fee)


It's the era of big data. Companies around the world are eager to expand their data science expertise and advance rapidly by leveraging the power of data analytics. XLRI VIL's Business Analytics for Managers programme has proven beneficial for professionals across industries, interested in utilising analytics to help apply organisational data analytics for effective real-time business decision-making.

Learn from One of India's Leading B-schools
Interact with Leading XLRI Faculty and Industry Experts
Explore Peer-to-peer Learning & Feedback
Gain Industry-oriented Learning Through a Capstone Project
Receive a Certificate of Completion from XLRI
Learn from One of India's Leading B-schools
Interact with Leading XLRI Faculty and Industry Experts
Explore Peer-to-peer Learning & Feedback
Gain Industry-oriented Learning Through a Capstone Project
Receive a Certificate of Completion from XLRI


Gain a robust understanding of the tools and techniques used in analytics, data science and artificial intelligence

Take the lead in building a data-driven organisation and facilitate its growth

Develop expertise in managing teams adept in data analytics

Evaluate investment decisions for analytics projects in your organisation

Identify areas in your organisation where business analytics can be productively and seamlessly applied

Understand data privacy and ethical concerns around data management, along with strategies on how to mitigate them


Dr Abhishek Chakraborty

Production, Operations & Decision Sciences

Dr Supriya Kumar De

Production, Operations & Decision Sciences


  • Data and data literacy in organisations
  • Types of analytics - descriptive, predictive and prescriptive
  • Use cases of Analytics - An introduction
  • Good and bad analytics
  • Deriving organisation’s data science objectives from strategic business objectives
  • Building hypothesis for organisational decision-making: use cases from different verticals
  • Limitation of analytics – where intuition still wins!
  • Case Study: Harvard article on "Data Science and Art of Persuasion"
  • Describing and presenting data
  • Applying measures of central tendency in business metrics
  • Probability and its application in business
  • Sampling theories and their application in business
  • Hypothesis testing, use cases in business
  • Analysis of variance, use cases in business
  • Correlation and regression, use cases in business
  • Principal types of algorithms
  • Application of Bivariate and Multiple linear regression models
  • Classification algorithms – concepts and use cases
  • Clustering algorithms – concepts and use cases
  • Design of recommendation systems
  • Modelling approach to decision-making
  • Linear Programming approach to solving a business problems, example:
    • a. Make-Buy decision
    • b. Investment decision
    • c. Blending problem
    • d. Production and inventory planning problem
    • e. Multi-period cash flow problem
  • Sensitivity Analysis and Simplex Method
  • Data management and querying
  • Data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) techniques
  • Fundamentals of data warehouse
  • Overview of the technology stack to support analytics
  • Scope and benefits of digital media analytics
  • Types of digital media analytics
  • Consumer insights using web and mobile app analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Overview of text mining and sentiment analysis
  • Online reputation management
  • Understanding Big Data
  • Understanding applications of Big Data
  • Big Data application tools – Hadoop, MapReduce
  • Exploiting Big Data for business decision
  • Examples from Facebook & Google
  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning
  • Deep, Convolution and Recurrent Neural Network – concept
  • Use cases of Deep Learning in different industry verticals
  • Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning
  • Use cases of Reinforcement Learning in industry
  • The art of storytelling with data
  • Data visualisation – concept and application
  • Using self-service data visualisation tools (e.g. Tableau) to generate management reports and dashboards
  • Visualising data using infographics
  • Evaluating an Analytics report
  • Data Science project management methods and governance
  • Application of Agile
  • Managing organisational change
  • Developing and managing a data science project contract
  • When is investment in data science justified and when not
  • Identifying and quantifying benefits of a data science for an organisation
  • Estimating investments in a data science project
  • Estimating return on investment in a data science project
  • New organisation roles and governance for a data-driven organisation
  • Recruiting and retaining data science talent pool
  • Scaling a data team
  • Vendor eco-system for data science services
  • Ethical concern on data privacy and trust in Analytics
  • Methods to preserve the privacy of sensitive data
  • Legal issues on data privacy
  • Recent case studies
The participants will be asked to work on a Capstone Project for an industry domain of their preference. It is expected that the participants will work on a live data set from their own organisation.


Participants will be awarded a completion certificate in Executive Development Programme in Business Analytics for Managers from XLRI on completing all evaluation components, including the capstone project and maintaining a minimum attendance of 70%. Participants who complete all evaluation components but have attendance less than 70% and more than 50% shall be awarded a participation certificate.

Sample Certificate

Note: All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of XLRI VIL.


"The topics covered have helped my decision-making capabilities as these will now be more data-driven."

Paresh Narula

Country Manager, Crane Payment Innovations Inc.

"The best part of the programme was learning the available technologies like Google Analytics, KNIME and Amazon Sage. Some real-life examples from Prof. Atanu were excellent."

Amlan Bhattacharya

Senior Engineering Team Leader, Schlumberger Tech Corp


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Loan offered at EMI of INR 6,217
Special Corporate Enrolment Pricing

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